About us

About Us

About us – Blue Diamonds is an online community that includes you, a precious place to share and exchange your views, experiences, lifestyles, stories, discuss your goals, inner fears psychological concerns.

We have believed that people with mental wellness issues have the abilities to leave independent, live a fulfilled life and be a part of their communities.
We provide emotional support to people who struggle with mental illness.
We can help you consider options for support that address your individual circumstance.
Our services are designed to give you support and the freedom to manage your circumstance.


To make professional counselling reachable to anyone and everyone wherever they are in the world. People who battle with life’s emotional challenges can now get help anytime and anywhere.
We are dedicated to rendering counselling services on personal and practical impacts of mental wellness, making sure people understand and are able to deal with these issues to aid their own recovery. We understand that everyone who seeks our support is different and their needs are individual to them.


We believe in enabling people to lead their own recovery at their own pace by supporting their decisions about the advice they receive. The people who use our services are at the heart of everything we do. We listen, give support and advice on how you can be at your best.

You can reach us by sending an email to contactus@mybluediamonds.org






Joshua Ehi Idemudia

Certificate qualification in Health and Social Care
Diploma in Mental Health Studies United Kingdom