Dreams….According to www.webmd.com, are basically stories and images our mind creates while we sleep.

However, they are more than stories or images our mind creates and there’s a reason why we dream. There’s nothing associated with us as humans without a purpose, and dreaming is one of those things. Some of the greatest inventions of man became a reality through dreams. These include;

The Google Idea (Larry Page)

The Sewing Machine (Elias Howe)

The Periodic Table (Dimitri Mendeleyev)

Hair Care Products (Madame C.J. Walker)

Diabetes treatment with Insulin (Frederik Banting)

The Twilight Series of books and movies (Stephenie Meyer).


These are few of today’s realities born in dreams. However, it wouldn’t have been so if the “dreamers” did nothing to bring them to reality. After reading some of their statements concerning this, I discovered they took similar step to actualize this, and that is “writing down the things they dreamt about” and following through. Many folks in today’s world dream and forget what they dreamt about. To them, it’s just a story or image their mind created. Again, it’s more than that. In dreams lie the many solutions to human problems. So, while going to bed tonight and every other night, ensure you pick up your pen and writing pad as the next big idea might just be waiting for you in dreamland.

Quote : ”Don’t let your dreams be dreams” – Jack Johnson

LIFE is a journey…Get the Inspiration you need for it.


    1. Orlando your word and the article above reminds me of Plato’s world of forms and ideas….that is, the dream or the abstract world.
      His theory of Forms or theory of Ideas argument is that non-physical (but substantial) forms (or ideas) represent the most accurate reality.

      It is actually saying that whatever we form in our minds can be brought to reality or that what ever that is in reality existed as ideas before it is made to exist.

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