1. Sometimes it help to maintain a positive attitude and look ahead. think of how the departed ones will like to be remembered by those they left behind… people like you. They want to see you succeed where they did not, they want to see a happy you. Let this be an energy booster in you. push on, because you love them.

  1. I had similar experience. In 2004 i lost my mum through cardiac arrest and then in 2010 when i was in my final year in the university i lost my sister. i was depressed, i hated God and i didnt want anybody to preach to me about God. I thought that if there is God, why did my sister and mum have to die. I EVEN HAD THE FEELING THAT EVERYONE ON EARTH SHOULD JUST DIE AND AND EVERYTHING ABOUT HUMAN LIFE SHOULD COME TO AN ABRUPT END. i FELT HATED BY GOD, I FELT MEANINGLESS, I HATED LIFE ITSELF AND HATED EVERYTHING IN EXISTENCE. Not having a father, mother and loosing my sister was just too much to bear. but i console myself when i see some people going through other pains in life.
    People who have not really suffered things in life wont really understand what depression means. That is why you dont judge people when they act iin a certain way because you dont know the burden they carry. Not everyone is ready to share their problem with others. Just learn to be nice to people and treat them with love.

    1. Thanks stella for sharing your thought, depression although an illness, is treatable. One of the many causes of depression is major life stresses and that was what you went through. You said it happened in 2004. I hope you had a full recovery from it because it is curable. Do not let anyone tells you otherwise.
      The first step on the road to recovery is to identify what it is, Depression. if unsure, then a medical examination to rule out any other illness may be necessary.
      Here is a general rule to easily overcome depression.
      1) practice positive thinking- see reasons why you should live. see lives you affect positively.
      don’t blame yourself or others when things go wrong. change thoughts of failure into thoughts of hope, face the mirror and speak positive to the image there.
      2) Engage in physical activities- take care of your plant or garden, take a walk, exercise, read a book, play with a pet, listen to music, meditate or pray, find a relaxing hobby, spend time with a friend.
      and finally
      3) Join a support group
      There are other things you can do, but I know the above basic steps will help you come out of depression and also out of suicidal thoughts
      Remember, it is not advisable to get hooked on taking medicines for depression as your body will soon build up resistance to the quantity and soon you will need to top it up again to become effective.
      Email us if you need further help. We can send you e-books or have some one talk to you directly.
      my Blue Diamond team

  2. It’s quite an harrowing experience. The most important thing is that counsellors can help out. only if people can yield to this.

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