It is always helpful to think of ways other than suicide.

Firstly, make a list of all the issues you are dealing with in your life.

Secondly, make a list of all the solutions you can think of to those issues.

You can ask someone you trust to help you with this. Dealing with 1 or 2 issues can help you put an end to immediate feelings of suicide. if start thinking more clearly, you can tackle other bigger issues

Some of the ways of overcoming suicidal thoughts are

Use Your Thoughts to Control Your Feelings: A man’s thoughts, if wrongly employed, can keep him in bondage and clog the wheels of his success and progress. On the other hand, he can experience glorious liberty as a result of his thoughts. Many at times we underestimate the power and possibilities of our thoughts. Until you change your thinking you can’t change your life; you can’t change your state and therefore can’t change your estate.

– Call a helpline for emotional support, short-term problem-solving and referrals for longer-term help.

– Find a support programme suitable for you to discuss options for treatment (e.g medications, changes in medications, undiagnosed illnesses).

– Take care of yourself by resting, exercising regularly, eating regularly and spending time with friends.


Think of Reasons For Living: Most people who think about suicide want to escape their pain, but they do not always want to die. When you feel low, it’s easy to stay focused on things that are negative and upsetting in your life. This makes it easy to think of suicide as the only option. Start thinking about some reasons you have for living.

For example, many people have relationships with loved ones, pets they love, religion, goals and dreams, or responsibilities to others in their life that give them reasons to live and prevent them from acting on their suicidal thoughts. Think of all of the reasons you have for living. Write them down. Remind yourself of them when you are feeling low.


Remember Things That Have Helped in The Past: Many people have had thoughts of suicide before. Think of some of the things that helped you feel better when you faced the same types of problems in the past.

Some examples are: having faith and trust that time always helps; reaching out to friends and family; seeing a professional; going to a support group; following a safety plan; doing something you enjoy; not being alone; keeping a journal, or not drinking or using drugs.


Talk To A Trusted Friend, Family Member or Professional Counselor: 
It is important to speak to someone you trust about how you feel. Sometimes just talking about how you feel can help. It is important to be open about all of your thoughts. If you have a suicide plan, it is important to tell someone what your plan is. People often say they are relieved that they shared how they felt with someone. Talking can help you feel supported


Deal with Mental Wellness Issues: It is important to get support for depression, anxiety, and alcohol and drug problems. Just seeing your family doctor may not be enough. You can see a mental health specialist, such as a psychologist, psychiatrist and a support group. You can get referrals from your doctor. If you are already receiving treatment, speak up if your treatment plan is not working.


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